To challenge competitor Amazon Alexa, Google has raised a partnership hand with Walmart. The company will be providing the facility of voice shopping via Google assistant for its beloved customers. Walmart’s easy reorder will be of great use to Google. Customers can order any one of the items from Walmart store and later keep on adding multiple products to their cart and make a purchase all at once with Google’s Home app.

Previously, the tech giant Google Express charged 10 USD for a monthly subscription and 95 USD for a yearly subscription but now onwards the company will offer free home delivery to all its customers. Google retailer partners include PetSmart, Toy R Us, Costco, Target, Walgreens and much more in the list.

Later this year, Walmart will deal with Google retailers as well as few others that will ease down the delivery of products throughout the US. If this partnership stands successful and customers start buying their products through Walmart voice shopping then surely it will be the first competitor of Amazon.

According to Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s advertisement chief, more competition will give more choices to the customers to purchase their needy products. Walmart never thought of shaking its hand with Amazon as both the companies are mere rivals of each other. So, Google Home was the only option left with Walmart in order to increase their business revenue.

Walmart and Google had a healthy relationship ever since they started making business via advertisements. Walmart users can start voice shopping and add their Wishlist to the cart soon after linking their account with Google Home.

The only drawback customers can notice is that they can purchase only one item at a time using voice shopping. From next year, both the tech giants will take their partnership to the second stage by providing the facility of picking up items held in store using Walmart app via Google Home.

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