The disastrous effect of global warming has already swept off the Great Barrier Reef through mass coral bleaching and now the researches are observing the other great island succumbing to the effect of warming. The Hanauma Bay on the Hawaii islands is seen to have been experiencing a major bleaching event from seawater temperature rise in the last few years.

In the research, it has been found out that the bleaching has affected as many as 50 % of the total corals. Out of the corals bleached, 10 percent have already died while others are showing no improvement sliding towards its destruction. The continuous rise in the seawater temperature has led to the bleaching of corals along with the other factors like waste drainage and industrial waste into as suggested by scientist. However, warming is the most impacting factor here.

This kind of global warming effect is not first of its kind; it has been observed very frequently in the recent times that coastal regions across the world are seeing a huge blow in self—sustenance of their natural bio-diversity.

The study has been published in the journal Peer J. According to the researchers, the despite of the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve being a protected site, it could not get away with the global warming effect which indicates the depth of the issue it has reached to.

Dr. Jokiel’s Coral Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program (CRAMP) was analyzing the behaviour of the coral since last decades which has revealed this results of its bleaching. Not only corals, the marine diversity also has been severely affected with the sea water temperature increase. Thus the consequences are bound to cause effect to the economic aspect as well since Hawaii is a top favourite tourist destination, mainly because of its marine diversity.

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