Today the information through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram spreads faster than other networking options, the spread of misleading, fake news on such social sites is growing rapidly. In order to prevent the spread of these news, Facebook has come up with a new feature. Related Articles is the new Facebook’s initiative to combat the spread of fake news.

After a lot of research, Facebook has finally designed a new tool called Related Articles which can tackle the rising issue of Fake News. The spread of fake news had become rampant during the US Presidential Election and many criticisms were raised during the election period. Whether the spread of misleading and fake news has influenced the election results or not is not yet clear. But it is true that the spread of fake news over the social networking platform is growing rapidly.

Earlier many tools and techniques were employed by Facebook to tackle this issue but none of them was successfully implemented. Hence Facebook has finally come with a concrete solution which can handle this issue and gain users trust on social media. Facebook has confirmed the launch of this tool on Thursday.

With the help of machine learning technology, the social network giant has finally launched Related Articles tool which will effectively avoid the spread of false information. Related Articles works on machine learning concept in which the probable fake or misleading news are identified by the software and later on these stories are passed on to the third-party fact checkers.

These third-party fact checkers will identify the information present in that news and validate its truth and accuracy. They also have the right to criticize the content present in those fake stories.

Related Articles feature by Facebook will be launched first in the United States followed by Germany, Netherlands and eventually the tool will roll out to other countries. This tool will also take input from users to check and validate the content. Even if the tool cannot eradicate the fake news from its roots, it can restrict the spread of such news to a large number of people.

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