After dominating the social networking scene for years and establishing itself as an undisputed king of social networks, Facebook is now foraying into the world of business and one of its latest move in this field is to offer job-hunting features to its users that could prove to be a direct threat to LinkedIn.

Facebook recently started allowing businesses in North America – US and Canada – post jobs and invite applications from jobseekers. These vacancies will be available for jobseekers to view in the form of “help-wanted posts” on business pages on Facebook. Users can also look for jobs under the new ‘Jobs’ bookmark on Facebook app on their smartphones and tablets. Further, these job vacancies could also appear in a jobseeker’s news stream if the company has paid for promotion of the vacancy on the social network.

Users will have the option of click on “Apply Now” button and if they do that, it will open an online form already filled out with relevant information from a person’s profile on the social network, Facebook said in a post. If users find some irrelevant information being filled in the forms, they can edit, and review forms as well as add new information as they deem fit before submitting their application for the job vacancy.

Once the job application is submitted, it will be available for company representatives managing business pages at Facebook to examine and then contact potential candidates using the Messenger text communication service. Facebook said that it will be bringing in more features over the course of next few weeks.

While the feature is definitely a welcome addition for Facebook users, Microsoft will have another direct competitor to deal with for its recently acquired LinkedIn. LinkedIn is seen as one of the best platforms for business networking and considering that it has turned out to be profitable for Microsoft, Redmond could feel Facebook’s sting if the features offered by the social networking giant do start appealing to users.

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