It is not more than a year back when Africa somehow managed to tackle the Ebola outbreak that had impacted the entire West African region. Once again, the Ebola upturn is speculated in the Democratic Republic of Congo and close observation of it has already begun by the health officials in the region.

The officials have already registered 43 cases of Ebola with four fatalities. However on conducting the tests, only 2 suspects have been confirmed with an Ebola virus while others have just shown symptoms of it. The origination of the outbreak is considered to be as the virus presence in the meat of wild animals or bats which when consumed, spreads into the human blood. However, the scientific proof of its origination is not available and these are just the speculations.

DRC has been engulfed quite frequently even since the virus is known in the year 1976. As many as eight is the count when Ebola has had hit DRC in the last four decades. The suspects this time are found in the Likati health district, which is located as far as 300 miles from the capital of the DRC and thus the centre being in the remote area, the officials are facing difficulty in logistics and research for controlling the virus’s resurgence. Along with the geographical inaccessibility, the government is also facing problems in taking the measures because of the continuing political clash between two ethnic groups.

However, experts believe that it is actually good the outbreak is in the remote area since it will slower the speed of its spread and give government time to tackle and control the epidemic. The US’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization (WHO) have already sent their research teams in the region to analyse the situation along with local experienced health workers.

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