Technology giants Apple and Google have revealed their plans of how they are going to celebrate this year’s Earth Day.

Apple has released a series of videos featuring employees who talk about company’s climate change initiative. Apple also revealed that its new headquarters Apple Park is “world’s largest naturally ventilated building” with 5 million square feet of grassy fields, and drought-resistant trees. Apple Park, which is powered by 100 percent renewable energy, won’t require heating or air conditioning for nine months of the year. Apple’s animated videos have been created in collaboration with artist James Blagden.

Apple has also introduced a new Earth Day Challenge that requires customers to get outside and complete a workout of at least 30 minutes to receive a special achievement badge in the Messages app. Apple has already said it is planning to use 100 per cent recycled material to manufacture its products. According to the Cupertino technology giant, it has started using aluminum enclosures Liam recovered from iPhone 6 to create Mac mini computers.

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Google on the other hand has stuck to its Google Doodle way of doing things and released a new doodle with Earth Day tips to help our planet. The doodle tells us a story of a fox that wakes up startled thanks to his dream about a polluted Earth. Up next, he decides to make a change by doing small things such as planting tress, eating less meat, turning off lights when no one’s in room, using bicycle etc.

“By clicking beyond the Doodle to Google Search, you’ll find easy Earth Day tips to help you do your part in saving our planet, including supporting critical conservation efforts such as wildlife conservation with World Wildlife Fund, coral reef conservation with The Ocean Agency, and rainforest conservation with The Jane Goodall Institute,” said Google in a press statement.

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