Hollywood actress Kim Kardashian and Coleen Rooney started the health trend of eating the placenta. They consume o maintain the health status. But its consumption is not good from health point of view, says a gynecologist who led the study. It can sometimes increase the menace of infection.

Placentophagy is the process of consuming placenta of the baby after birth. Nowadays, we get different capsules and tablets of the placenta in the market. It contains high quantity of prostaglandin.

Alex Farr, at the Medical University of Vienna, said, “Many of us thought eating placenta also called as placentophagy has lesser health benefits but a number of side effects.” “In terms of medical science, it’s nothing but just a left-over product.”

“Most of us consume it after delivery but the question is ‘why’?”, he added. It does not support and help with post-partum despair and lactation. Consuming might lines up cannibalism. He further adds, “Placenta lacks in providing necessary nutrients including selenium, iron, and zinc. However, large quantities of other metal substances were found to be amassed during 9 months of pregnancy.”

Consuming placenta tablets or capsules greater the risk of infection. In one such case, mother eating placenta capsules suffered from blood poisoning caused by the bacteria streptococcus. Chances of infection from mother to baby while breastfeeding can sometimes result in the child death.

The Department of Health in the US warns all the world to be and post-delivery mothers to avoid intake of the placenta. Farr wants all the gynecologists and doctors to advise their patients and conduct sessions for them advising to avoid the use of placenta.

“As such placentophagy does not have any benefits. Moreover, it has additional side effects. Hence, this practice should be totally eradicated.” “Different guidelines and recommendations should be implemented via studies and other approaches for human placentophagy.”

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