Cloud seems to gaining a massive foothold in the business and enterprise segment with a new report from Cisco predicting quadruplication of cloud traffic over the next four years.

According to a report by Cisco, cloud traffic is increasing at a rapid pace and in the course of five years from 2015 to 2020, there will be a four fold increase to 14.1 ZB per year by 2020 from 3.9 zettabytes (ZB) in 2015. Cisco Global Cloud Index report also predicts that there will be greater increase in public cloud as compared to private cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) and networking traffic will account for sizeable chunk of cloud traffic.

Cisco says that migration to cloud architectures from traditional data centers is the major reason behind the surge in the traffic. Scalability and efficiency are the two major reasons why businesses, enterprises and even consumers are shifting to cloud based workloads instead of traditional datacenters.

Cisco points out that businesses are increasingly moving towards the cloud and they are now dominating datacenter applications. While consumer workloads are not as huge as business workloads, there will be growth nonetheless in this segment as well. Cisco says that by 2020 consumer workloads will account for 28 per cent of total datacenter workloads.

Internet of Things (IoT) workloads are increasing alongside analytics as well as database workloads and this is primarily because of increase adoption of intelligent devices as well as the importance that analytics has gained in the business domain over the last few years. Video and social networking will lead the increase in consumer workloads, each respectively grows their percentage significantly.

The report doesn’t end there. Cisco has also quantified and analyzed the impact of hyperscale datacenters and according to estimates they will grow from 259 in 2015 to 485 by 2020.

Some of the other key findings and predictions of the report are:

  • Surge in networking traffic because of increased use of the cloud;
  • IoT will also generate massive amounts of data;
  • Substantial growth of cloud compared to traditional datacenters;
  • More and more consumers are adopting cloud based services;
  • Public cloud is growing faster than private cloud growth; and
  • Big data will be one of the major driving factors behind overall growth in stored data.
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