Cassini, the unmanned spacecraft that was launched towards Saturn has begun its final five rounds around the planet. We can be called it as a Grand Finale of the Mission. The spacecraft will now enter into the atmosphere of the Saturn. It will start its final five revolutions on 13th next month in August. The distance between the planet and the Cassini spacecraft during these revolutions will be from 1630 to 1710 kilometers.

Earl Maize, the project manager of the mission said, “The Titan flybys equipped to the Cassini enabled it to bear these rapid passes that occur in the Saturn’s upper atmosphere.” The spaceship will have to create a favorable condition in Saturn’s atmosphere in order to maintain its stability using rocket thrusters.

The passage of the aircraft will be considered as insignificant it these thrusters functions of 60 percent of their skills and ability. But if they are compelled to work rigorously than the experts need to upsurge the elevation of succeeding revolutions.

The spaceship will reach the stated altitude the point where the atmospheric density is double as that of density they came across during initial five revolutions. Once, it reaches its goal, the thrusters will become helpless and will not be able to preserve the position of Cassini’s projection facing towards the Earth. The moment this happens the contact between the two will be lost enduringly.

This mission is a joint endeavor of various organizations such as Italian Space Agency, European Space Agency and National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The mission is accomplished from Jet Propulsion Lab of NASA. The Jet propulsion was the one who made the framework, development and assembling of the spacecraft into space.

After Cassini completes its mission, it will end its life by tearing into millions of pieces similar to a meteor.

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