18 months post the outbreak took to world media by storm, Brazil has now declared an end to Zika virus outbreak, which had caused a stir in the medical community and threatened whole world with its lightening spread rate.

Existence of the Zika virus, wasn’t taken seriously until its deadly consequences were known since its outbreak in 2015. One of the major consequences that followed the presence of Zika virus into the body is the defect in births. This defect is known as microcephaly, in which the new born babies were seen to have skulls with a size much smaller than the regular infants have. This mosquito-borne virus also transmits through sexual contact with the person having Zika virus.

A national health emergency was declared to immediately curb the disease spread and various guidelines were released by the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention to prevent the infusion of Zika virus into the body. The panic grew when athletes taking part in Olympics raised concern over their participation since it was held in Brazil. They feared that Zika virus would stuck them and also it would eventually spread the disease to different parts of the world.

A considerable drop in the cases of Zika virus in the country has made the authorities to declare an end to it. It is the result of diligent efforts and various campaigns carried out over the period that has helped its eradication. In the first four months of 2017, the reported number of cases of the diseases saw a drop of 95 per cent as compared to the cases last year in the same duration.

According to the Adeilson Cavalcante, the Secretary for Health Surveillance at Brazil’s Health Ministry, the authorities will continue their efforts to monitor the situation so that they assure zero probability of it bouncing back.

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