A few days back an Australia woman posted on her Facebook account an image of her burnt right hand she claimed was a result of an iPhone 7 that was plugged into the charger, but opinions are divided.

Melanie Tan Pelaez of Australia posted on her Facebook account an image of her burnt hand that she says was caused after she accidentally fell asleep with her arm on her charging Apple iPhone 7. Pelaez warned that they shouldn’t do the same and keep their phones away from their beds. She said that she has been an iPhone user for years and it has happened to her the first time. She calls it a scary experience as well as a disappointing.

melanie-tan-pelaez-iphone-7-burns“I recently purchased an Apple iPhone 7 and accidentally fell asleep with my arm on my phone while it was charging. I was woken up by sudden pain, pins and needles, numbness and shortness of breath,” the post read.

She even went onto explain that she had been to a hospital where a number of tests were performed. The hospital concluded that they were burn marks from a foreign object and that something in the bed could have caused it.

“We matched the markings on my arm to the phone and charger”, she notes.

Not everyone is believing this

From the image it seems that Pelaez suffered severed burns, but there are those who are not convinced and claim that it is fake and has been done using “makeup and some vaseline”. Users who have read the post and seen the image point out that there is no image of the iPhone 7 that alleged caused these burns and if the claims are correct then Pelaez should have posted images of the iPhone 7.

Some raise concerns over how she woke up suddenly. They claim that if it were a burning pain, she would have woken up much earlier than later and would have avoided such burns. This, comments point out, indicates that it is fake.

There are those who call her irresponsible because despite warnings across the web and in the local media asking users not to use their smartphone or tablets or any other electronic gadget while it is plugged into a wall charger, she continued to do so and that’s why she suffered the consequences.

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