Apple has traditionally been releasing an update to its main iPhone line-up every alternate year with a ‘S’ branding and while reports have indicated that Apple will not be walking that path this year and will release an iPhone 8 right away, fresh reports indicate that there is an iPhone 7S planned for 2017.

A report on Mac Otakara claims that Apple will be releasing an iPhone 7S ahead of iPhone 8 and with that smartphone lineup it will introduce the Red color as well. This is in stark contrast to a report by KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo who had said that Apple will not be going for an iPhone 7S and instead will release iPhone 8 directly.

According to the Apple analyst from KGI, the iPhone 8 will have an all glass chassis design with integrated wireless charging and will be featuring a range of improvements over the current iPhone 7.

iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Red, iPhone 7S Leak

Mac Otakara on the other hand claims that it has sources in Apple’s supply chain that have indicated that there will be an “iPhone 7S” and that the features that have been mentioned by KGI are reserved for the iPhone 8 that will be announced later.

The Japanese blog claims that there will be no change in the basic design as far as the iPhone 7S is concerned. Apple may incorporate a more powerful chip in the iPhone 7 successor, but that’s about it and Apple fans shouldn’t expect wireless charging or glass chassis in the iPhone 7S.

Mac Otakara has a history of leaks and quite a few of them have turned up to be correct. If we look at the predictions of the Japanese blog that have actually proven right, they include removal of Phone 7’s 3.5mm headphone jack and the introduction of Jet Black iPhone 7.

If we look at other reports, it is suggested that Apple will be releasing three iPhone variants based on the screen size – a 4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhone 8 – and on top of that it will also release a 5.1- or 5.2-inch iPhone 8 that features OLED display with “invisible” home button, all-glass housing, wireless charging and other exotic technologies.

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