The tech giant Apple is in need of OLED suppliers that too on an urgent basis, the recent report claims. Till date, Samsung was the only OLED supplier for Apple but today the company will have a partnership deal with many other companies. However, no other company can ever compete with Samsung for supplying wonderful OLED displays for wide screen smartphones.

Smartphone companies are nothing without Samsung’s OLED screen. It has a major impact on the smartphone market. Apple will actually not afford any compromise in its OLED screen technology. “But still Apple decided to hire some other companies who can fulfill their supply demands of OLED”, says Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities.

The next supplier of OLED screens for Apple will have to struggle a lot in order to meet all the increasing demands of the company. Moreover, they need to come up and fulfill the needs of future display technologies of iPhones.

The cost of its new OLED display will touch the heaven. Its price will be $120 to $130 which is much higher than the previous price that was $45 to $55. Fabricating an OLED screen is not an easy task. It needs an important devotion. A single mistake and the entire process goes incorrect. In case Apple hunts its next OLED supplier company, they will need more time to set all the things rightly at its place.

Most probably, LG will be Apple’s next target as the company is formulating to enter the full-time business of supplying OLED screens till the end of 2019.

The advantage of OLED over LCD:

LCD’s usually depend on backlights to transmit colors. But this doesn’t happen in case of OLED. OLED screens have individual pixels that have own set of light sources. OLEDs are more power efficient as compared to LCDs. The only disadvantage of OLED over LCD is its cost. The cost will be higher than the previous LCD screens.

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