Alpine, a Renault’s sub-brand unveiled its new 1.8-litre A110 at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show that packs a glimpse of the original 1960’s A110 with pinched bonnet and twin front headlight.

The Alpine A110 is almost identical to its 2016 vision concept which had stylish and aggressive curves. The 2017 A110 is made simple and elegant in design with the LED daytime running light and an X- shaped rear lights with dynamic turn indicator. With the simple exterior design the Alpine A110 features leather, aluminum and carbon-fiber interior materials and a one piece bucket seat to make the driver feel sporty.

The rear wheel drive Alpine A110 gets 7-speed DCT is powered by 1.8-litre 4 cylinder engine producing 252 PS of power at 6000 rpm which will generate 320 Nm of torque. Alpine A110 has maximum speed of 250 kmph and can reach up to 100 kmph in 4.5 s. The overall fuel efficiency of this sports car is 16.12 kmpl.

The manufacturing of Alpine A110 will be at the Alpine factory in Dieppe. The company states that deliveries will start by late 2017 in Continental Europe while that in the UK and Japan will start in 2018. The A110 will be sold through 60 Alpine dealerships which will be run through the existing Renault network.

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