Till now every one of us thinks consuming alcohol is a bad habit and may lead to many liver related diseases. But have you ever wondered alcohol may have some positive effects on the body as well? Researchers from the Exeter University found that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol can truly advance your brain sharpness.

Moreover, the capacity of memorizing things become easier, says the researchers. The research derived from the real-life test is published in Scientific reports journal. The study included 88 participants consisting of 31 men and 57 women. All the participants were divided into two groups: One group included people who were allowed to drink to the fullest while the second group was restricted from drinking the alcohol.

Next day, they were asked to repeat the same task again. People who immensely drank memorized the erudite things easier than those who did touch the alcohol. Thus, the study concluded saying, drinking alcohol not only have positive effects on the human body but also fastens the memorizing power. Concentrating on its positive effects is more fruitful than pointing out the negative effects, says the lead author of the study, Celia Morgan.

How alcohol has positive effects on human brain still remains a mystery but according to the researchers drinking alcohol obstructs your brain from learning new things. Hence, the brain becomes more capable of memorizing and restoring the previously gained ideas.

The study conducted by the researchers is scientifically proven and is been tested in the laboratory. Apart from laboratory testing, people who drink at home were also tested that gave similar results. The second test was led down that involved observing the images by both groups of people. They got same results on the next day as before.

Following are the other Ways to Keep your Mind Strong:

Eat healthy and nourished diet.

Practice IQ games frequently.

Keep competing with your family members or colleagues.

Take sufficient amount of sleep daily.

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