Toyota is recalling nearly a 100,000 model year 2016 and 2017 Toyota Prius sedan vehicles in the U.S. citing safety concerns.

The safety recall involves approximately 92,000 units and according to Toyota in all the affected vehicles, there is a possibility that the parking brake could become inoperative. If this occurs and the driver exits the vehicle with the transmission in a gear other than ‘Park’ while the ignition is on, the vehicle could roll away, increasing the risk of a crash.

Neither Toyota nor its dealers will be charging anything to fix the recall. Customers will have to take their affected 2016 or 2017 Toyota Prius sedan to their dealer where technicians will add clips on the top of the brake cable dust boots to prevent the cable from becoming inoperative.

Toyota revealed that all the known owners of the affected vehicles will be notified by first class mail starting in November.

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