Huawei Honor 8 has seen a price cut on Amazon with the smartphone now selling for just $299.99 instead of the retail price of $399.99 (25 per cent discount).

One of the best things about Honor 8 is its solid built that feels much more expensive than it is. The octa core processor makes it pretty fast and handles apps and games without any discernible lag. The battery is impressive as well with as many as 12 hours of medium usage and thanks to fast charging capabilities, the smartphone charges from almost empty battery to 100 per cent fully charged in little more than an hour!

Some of the other noteworthy features of the smartphone are Voice over LTE, ability to take stunning images even in low light conditions through its rear 12-megapixel camera and stunning images through its 8-megapixel camera. If you are used to stock Android, the tweaked UI of Honor 8 might not impress you.

The smartphone may not have won design awards, but its hardware is impressive and much better than other pricey smartphones out there. If you perform some of the tweaks on the smartphone to change the UI from a bulky one to resemble the stock Android version, you will grow to liking it.

Honor 8 is available on for $299.99.

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