NASA has been searching for life on the Mar’s surface from many years. Unfortunately, there is no clear and strong evidence that life ever existed on the Red Planet.

Barry DiGregorio, one of a researcher at the University of Buckingham said that they found an evidence of life on Mars. But during the process of explaining this theory to others, NASA misplaced the evidence.

He is author of a book who wrote about life on Mars . He strongly believes that the captured photos were showing the identification marks and possibly the footprint of aliens on rocks.

Few weeks ago, the researchers claimed that these were gypsum-like crystals. The evidence was useful for the scientist to determine how the water from the Mars disappeared.

The scientist said that curiosity level was reached at peak level as they found some part of footprint and NASA is attempting to cover up the images.

The only aim of researchers was to explore the crystal designs but luckily they came across the evidence and now the organization is not allowed to disclose the found fact to others. There is just the bunch of interesting targets focused on the area which is possibly the clues for the betterment and further study. It will be more exciting to find the actual truth, said the researcher.

NASA is not trying to explore on the subject, but in this exploration, there is the possibility of shedding some light on the past and living system of Mars. But DiGregorio is confident about that footprint on Mars. He said that exploring these marks may lead to gain the authentic knowledge of its origin, life, water existence, and future of the red planet. He further added that the fossil traces they found on Mars resembled to the same sort of environment the scientist created on the Earth. He expects that NASA should support them and this explored theory.

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