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Users, blindly opt for Google’s Pixel 2 smartphone if you can feature its qualities


Google made a lot of efforts to be at the top this year. Pixel 2 smartphone is the result of that effort. It was an endeavor to defeat its rival Apple. Both the latest outcomes of Google, Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 are similar to each other in terms of basic stipulations.

The only difference is the giant screen. Pixel XL 2’s screen is large with cost $849 whereas Pixel 2 comes with the price $649. But the smartphones lag in providing with stunning features such as face recognition technology, improved battery life, retina scanning and a headphone jack.

Samsung Galaxy S8 beats both the smartphones with this quality features. But, Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 serves the best camera that uses machine learning technology among the other Android phones. It provides an astounding experience of “Motion Photos” that no other smartphone offers. It stands away from the crowd in providing the integrated Google services.

Pixel 2 users will get an amazing offer of storage unlimited photos and videos on the Google cloud throughout 2020. Later after 2020, Google will provide some sort of parameters that users need to follow for storage purpose.

Though Google smartphones have a couple of defects, it’s going to be the best smartphone if you are able to closely analyze and appreciate its other additional services. Pixel 2 phones have an imposing camera, clicking good quality pictures even in dim light.

Coming to the battery life, the smartphone will assure you 7 hours of battery capacity when charged for 15 minutes of time. It breaks the feature of USB-C port. If you are opting for the one, it’s really going to be one of the best decision you are making.

The company promises to give a high-quality hardware to its beloved customers. No doubt, Google has made two of the best smartphone devices this year providing a greater benefit of the operating system.