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Plastic Chunks Present on Arctic Ice Raises Concerns Showing the Damage Caused due to Pollution


Pollution and its impact are seen globally. Along with air pollution, there has been a rapid increase in the plastic pollution. A large number of plastic chunks are present on the Arctic which shows the extent to which the plastic pollution has reached. Due to the melting of ice near the North pole, all the plastic material flows with the melting ice. This poses a negative impact on the marine life.

The researchers from United States, Norway, and Hong Kong have noticed the plastic chunks along with Tim Gordon have come across the polystyrene chunks which were present 1,609 kilometers away from the North pole. These ice chunks were present near the areas which were remote areas.

Due to climate change and rising global temperatures, the melting of ice near the Arctic ocean has taken place. The areas that were covered by ice are now melted due to which the plastic waste that is flown away. The researchers found that two large ice edges have flown into the central Arctic Ocean.

This also shows the rise of debris which are polluting the world’s oceans. The outcome of this pollution has resulted in an irreversible impact which has to spoil the world’s ocean. The climate-induced environmental changes are raising concern among the researchers. Prompt actions are needed to preserve the world’s ocean.

If the trend of melting ice continues then in future there will the large volume of debris released into the oceans. This is dangerous for the marine flora and fauna as these marine species will die due to suffocation. There is about 5 trillion of plastic waste which is dumped into the world ocean.

The tiny plastic particles which are released into the ocean, are consumed by the marine animals which are then passed to other species through the food chain. This plastic waste is also indirectly threatening different species like polar bears. There is also fear that this melting of ice will soon clear the Arctic ocean by 2050 and increase the sea level.

The dependent industries like fishing, coral industry, shipping and other will be greatly affected. Plastic waste have very slow degradation rate which the threats caused it is high and irreversible.