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Submit Hitting Gym is not the only Way to Stay Healthy as Daily Chores Provide Equal Health Benefits


Gym is the common trend seen nowadays among all age group individuals. In order to stay fit and healthy gym, yoga and recently known Zumba classes are gaining huge popularity. In ancient times, all these kinds of exercises were not known to the people. All they use to do is to perform daily chores like sweeping, mopping, washing, washing clothes and cooking and others.

Although the latest exercises like Zumba, gym, yoga provide a lot of health benefits and keeps us healthy, the household chores also provide equal benefits. Hence the women or men who perform daily chores are actually doing physical exercise which will provide health benefits.

The task like mopping the floor, washing clothes, watering the plants in the garden for at least 30 min can help you in staying healthy. Such day-to-day tasks can slash shown the risk of death due to fatal diseases like heart attacks and strokes. The research study related to this can be found in the journal The Lancet.

For the study, the researchers analyzed the participants from 17 different countries including India and there were more than 130,000 participants involved. Then the researchers analyzed the daily chores performed by these participants. It was recommended that every week 150 minutes of daily chores can increase your heart rate.

Even when an individual hits the gym there is an increase in the heart rate which is one of the way of exercising that keeps us healthy. Even in developing or underdeveloped countries where people cannot afford to pay heavy gym or Zumba fees can perform daily chores. As the health benefits provided by gym, yoga, and Zumba is equal to that of daily chores people need not worry.

Hence irrespective of the type of physical activity performed it is necessary to perform some physical tasks at least for 30 minutes which can cut down the risk of fatal disorders.