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Pet Sickness may Directly be Linked with Human Health, the Recent Study Reveals


Pet owners beware, your pet’s sickness may affect your health as well. According to the recent study conducted by the researchers at the University of Ohio, pet owners may feel sick if their pets are not well. For some people, dogs and cats are like a family member for them. So, these kind people may suffer from nervousness, despair, and stress if they feel their dear ones are not fine.

Researchers have conducted this kind of study for the first time and it’s pretty shocking for all of us. They tested the mindset of 119 pet owners when their pets were suffering from the chronic disorder. The study also included another 119 people whose pets were healthy and vigorous.

They prepared some set of questionnaires and surveys to make out the mental stability of the pet owners. After a question-answer session, researchers found that nervousness and despair level increased in those whose pets suffered from chronic disease. They were the one who spent low eminence of life. This affected their relationships, dedication towards work and their behavior.

On the other hand, people whose pets were fit and fine led a healthy lifestyle. The same scenario can take place with veterans as well. According to Dr. Katherine Goldberg, practicing veterinary medicine at the University of Cornell, “We have a lot of interaction with pets and their sickness and sometimes it affects our health also.”

During animal labor delivery, we have to interact with them to make them calm and relax which is really one of the challenging jobs we do”, she further added. The study also displays different techniques and ways to interact with the pets and what are the ‘goal lines of care’. But, the way human doctors communicate with their patients, there is no such official education how vets should interact with the dog, cats or any other pet.