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Microsoft Edge gets updated to Fall Creators Update serving the best PDF reader


Microsoft Edge fairly owed to offer the best PDF reader to its customers even better than Google Chrome. The company is finally getting updated to Windows 10 Fall Creators that can offer astounding PDF reader features. Microsoft has made a master plan to strive with Chrome and Firefox and become the best browser and PDF reader provider ever.

New Fall Creators Update will serve all the skills within Windows Edge Capabilities. However, it might differ a bit. Edge won’t completely reflect other PDF reader software but will add some desired features such as adding sticky notes, sign pdf documents, ability to fill the fields, adjust the pdf layout and re-orient PDFs.

Existing PDF features of Microsoft Edge:

  • Easy navigation through the page
  • Ability to zoom in, zoom out, print and save the pdf file
  • Allowing users to search a keyword document by providing search bar at the topmost right corner of the page

Additional PDF Features of Microsoft Edge:

Document manipulation and adjustable PDF layout

By clicking on the PDF edge option within the document, users get a drop-down list that contains different manipulation options like zoom in and out, proper fit into the screen and rotate. An additional benefit of an edge over other PDF readers is that it allows you to display two PDF pages on the same screen at a time.

Microsoft Edge will come with fillable pdf fields

Edge offers fillable fields features that make the processing of important document easier. Filling the form and saving it on your hard drive becomes easier. The only disadvantage with Edge’s PDF reader is that even after saving it in PDF format the file is editable. Hence, users need to lock the file by putting a strong password to the PDF file so that it can be opened in read-only mode.

Digital signatures

Users generally fill out a PDF file, take a print out, sign it and again scan the document and sent it to the end person. Windows provides the inking skills to sign a file which is more convenient than the traditional digital signatures.

PDF markup

Edge provides one of the latent features to its users. Users can mark up a PDF file with the digital stylus. It also provides facility to unlock the markup abilities by clicking on the stylus placed on the uppermost right side of the browser. You can perform multiple activities such as highlight the text, draw or write on the pdf file.