iOS 11’s New Feature Speedily and Provisionally Disables Touch ID


    Apple new through back seems to be quite shocking. The company announced its release of iOS 11 will rock the technology world. iOS 11 has an inbuilt feature that enables the user to disable the touch ID rapidly and temporarily. To enable this service, users need to press the power button rapidly for five times one after the other.

    Later, they will notice an emergency screen where you can enter the password to enable the Touch ID service. You will not be able to unlock the phone until and unless you enter the registered password. The earlier mechanism was a bit different where you would need to start over your iPhone in order to disable the touch ID.

    Next, you needed to hold down for some period of time till you acquire the password in order to unlock the device and disable the Touch ID backgrounds. As of now, the feature is made available to the users with iOS 11 beta. If an Apple brings the facial recognition technology in its upcoming iPhones then it will definitely roll out this stimulating feature in those smartphones.

    The company will announce the introduction of facial recognition technology in its upcoming iPhones later next month. Both the features of face unlock and immediate disable touch ID will play an important role where an individual is not substantially obligated to unlock their iPhone. This will prevent the users from forcefully unlocking their iPhones with the one tap of the fingerprint.

    An additional feature Apple may introduce in its upcoming iPhone is a 3-dimensional fingerprint sensor. This feature will enable users to take over the entire access of the phone. Apple is already provided the facility of Medical ID to its iOS 10 customers and will upgrade its operating system that can run emergency SOS calls. Let’s hold our breath to get these features in our daily routine.