Google to Launch its Flagship Smartphone on October 5


    VentureBeat’s Evan Blass has confirmed the launch date of the Google’s next cell phone, the Pixel 2 which is reported to launch on October 5. The ever-dependable leaker additionally says the gadget will accompany another SoC from Qualcomm, a “Snapdragon 836.”

    The report lines up well with how Google did things a year ago. The Google Hardware division held an occasion around a similar time—October 4—where it uncovered the Google Home, Google Wi-Fi, Daydream VR, a 4k Chromecast, and the Google Pixel smartphones. This year, notwithstanding the smartphones, Android Police claims Google will likewise dispatch another Chromebook and a smaller rendition of the Google Home.

    Blass additionally specifies a “Snapdragon 836” SoC, a SoC that must be “1 better” than the run of the mill Snapdragon 835. Once more, this lines up with a year ago, when the Pixel smartphones presented the Snapdragon 821 over the 820. We don’t know how the 836 is not quite the same as the 835, however in the event that it’s anything like the 820-to-821 hop, there won’t be much distinction. A year ago, a few updates of the 821 had a somewhat higher clock versus the 820, however, that was it.

    It is anticipated that Google should present two phones at the event, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL (not official names). Google still doesn’t do its own particular assembling, and this year the smartphones are being made by two unique organizations utilizing two distinct outlines. The Pixel 2 XL is being made by LG, and it has a current looking thin bezel outline with a 5.99-inch, 1440p OLED display. The smaller Pixel is being made by HTC, has greater best and base bezels, and has a 4.97-inch 1080p OLED display. Both will have squeezable edges like the HTC U11, double front facing speakers, a dependably in plain view mode, no earphone jacks, and 4GB of RAM.