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Rumour says iPhone 8 to have a virtual home button


A new graphic spotted during iOS 11 tests hints at a new Siri / virtual home button rumoured to come with the iPhone 8.

Since Samsung ditched the physical home button for an ‘all screen’ Galaxy S8 smartphone, Apple is also said to be dropping the iconic iPhone home button with a new flagship. The new Siri icon spotted on iOS 11 appears to confirm the rumours.

The iPhone 8 is known to be featuring an edge-to-edge OLED display, orders for which have already been placed with Samsung Display Unit, and according to Apple insider, “the iOS 11 presenattion of Siri’s icon in that specific size and location in relation to the edge of the iPhone 7 Plus display could be.” This confirms Apple’s plan on take up the idea and go ahead with it.

The current ‘Siri’ icon is an animated wave that runs back and forth and gets activate only when the physical home button is pressed. During the course of testing, performed by Apple Insider, a different Siri graphic appeared. Located at the bottom centre of the device, the new icon was ‘animated, pulsing and oscillating swirl and renders in exactly same spot where a home button would be on an edge-to-edge I Phone,’ Apple Insider reported. At the rear of the device, the so-called leaked images reveal a vertical dual-camera design for the iPhone 8, which could possibly allow more advanced AR features.

KGI Securities analysts Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most reliable Apple seers around, had earlier said Apple may replace the Touch ID sensor to bring a zero-bezel iPhone design.

The device is expected to be announced sometime in September or early October. The iPhone 8 being the 10th anniversary special phone has a whole lot of expectations and Apple is anticipating high demand for this device.