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Facebook is fighting off hate-crime on social media platforms


Internet companies have come under increased scrutiny from the British government in reference to their role in the spread of hate speech. Home Secretary Amber Rudd said the government was ‘not frightened’ to issue sanctions to companies that failed to remove extreme material.

The most popular social media platform, Facebook has launched the Online Civil Courage Initiative (OCCI). This initiative would act as a forum for charities and other non-profitable organisations will share their experiences of extremism and create best practices to tackle the issue at all times – online and offline! The new plan to tackle extremism is by educating British charities and other organisations on how to counter hate speech. The OCCI has already been launched in Germany and France.

This OCCI initiative is being founded by a few partners who include the Jo Cox Foundation- which was set up in memory of the murdered MP (Helen Joanne Cox) along with other anti-hate groups belonging to the Jewish and Muslim communities. Facebook claims that the aim of this particular scheme is to create awareness campaigns and better ‘counter-speech’ to tackle extremism.

Facebook is designing various strategies to fight hate-crime that is publicised on social media networks. They have been hiring manpower who can review and remove any type of extreme or offensive content uploaded by users on Facebook. The OCCI is launched to implement different and better approaches to scan and filter out derogatory content.

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said: “There is no place for hate or violence on Facebook. We use technology like Al to find and remove terrorist propaganda and we have teams of counter-terrorism experts and reviewers around the world working to keep extremist content off our platform. Partnerships with others – including tech companies, civil society, researchers and governments – are also an integral piece of the puzzle.”