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Gadget turns human pee into electricity


Have you ever heard that pee could help you charge your smart phone? A group of scientists have invented a gadget which turns pee into electricity. It was developed by researchers at the University of Bath, Queen Mary University of London and the Bristol Bioenergy Centre.

The need to find alternative energy sources is crucial for human civilization. Years of exploitation has ripped Earth of its valuable resources vital for existence. We are totally appreciative of solar energy, hydrogen energy, etc as dominating coming-of-age power solutions. Human beings can organically contribute to the system and generate enough energy to charge their phones.

Urine is fed into a special machine called a microbial fuel cell, which contains a type of bacteria. These tiny bacteria break down the urine and create electrons. These electrons are then forced through an electronic circuit, creating a flow of electricity. This electricity can then be used to power all sorts of things, including your phone! The best part of this technology is that any form of organic waste can be utilized for useful energy conversion.

This technology will be showcased at the 5-day music festival to happen in the United Kingdom. Glastonbury festival, receives a considerable number of attendees every year. Around the peak time, it is expected to get more than 1000 litres of urine per day which will flow down through the microbial fuel cells. The electricity generated is expected to power displays giving information and updates about the festival and charge their mobile phones simultaneously.

If the event turns into a successful one, scientists are hoping it could be used in some poorer countries, as a way to create clean and renewable energy. It is also capable to improve lives for people living in refugee camps and areas of the world with no sanitation or electricity.