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Tesla commences deliveries of its electric cars in South Korea


Tesla has commenced delivers of its S 90D electric cars in South Korea and while the event was attended by family and friends of those who had ordered the cars, the event wasn’t open to local media.

Tesla doesn’t hold press conferences to promote its cars and that’s the reason why the media wasn’t part of the event where the cars were handed over. At the event, Tesla not only revealed specifications and features of the Model S 90D, but also offered people a chance to drive the car, and showcased the autopilot program in the all-electric vehicle. The autonomous driving features include an advanced emergency braking system (AEBS) and forward collision warning system (FCWS).

Ahead of the event, Tesla set up its first rapid-charging station in South Korea, the first of its planned 14 superchargers this year. The first supercharger was built at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel in southern Seoul last month. The luxury Model S 90D can run 378 kilometers on a single charge, according to the company.

Telsa plans to build 14 superchargers in major cities such as Seoul, Busan, Daegu and Jeju Island to better serve local customers in a country with charging infrastructure that is still weak.

It has already built 35 slow-charging stations, or “destination chargers” at hotels, department stores and office buildings, and plans to add 20 by the end of June.

With superchargers, it only takes one hour and 15 minutes to fully charge a Model S vehicle. Six to eight vehicles can be charged at once at such stations.

As of May 25, Tesla built 5,487 superchargers in 844 rapid-charging stations worldwide. It aims to double the number of superchargers this year to enhance customer convenience.

It has built more than 9,000 low-speed charging stations at hotels, resort towns and restaurants around the world.

On top of the Model S 90D, Tesla has been taking preorders for the Model X and the Model 3 as well, although the time frames for their actual launch have yet to be fixed.

Tesla Korea, a wholly owned unit of the Californian company, said vehicles are available at prices between 40 and 130 million won in Korea.