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Tom Cruise validates Top Gun Sequel


31 years after the most popular rather Classic military action released, Top Gun is ready for a sequel.

Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted a photo with Cruise last week, captioning it as the 31st anniversary of the opening day of Top Gun. In January 2016, Jerry had teased a discussion of Top Gun via twitter suggesting a visit to New Orleans to see an old friend – Tom Cruise.

Cruise played the cocky air force pilot in ‘Top Gun’, one of the top students in the US training camp for elite military fighter pilots and engaged in a bitter rivalry with fellow pilot. This movie set a benchmark in Cruise’s career as a global action star and grossed more than $350-million globally, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com.

While, Tom Cruise who is currently promoting his latest film ‘The Mummy’ was asked by Australia’s Morning TV show if the rumors of ‘Top Gun 2’ were true to which Tom grinned and confirmed the whispers. He said, “It’s true, it’s true. I am going to start filming it probably in the next year. It’s happening.” In similar interviews, Cruise did talk about the development and strong possibility of Top Gun 2 going on floors but never gave a clear confirmation, until Wednesday.

Paramount Pictures are responsible for a strong start to Cruise’s career. When Reuters approached them for further details about Top Gun 2, representatives of Paramount Pictures declined to comment. With Cruise’s confirmation and a few teases by the original producer, we can be assured that the movie is definitely happening. Cruise will be back on screen as ‘Maverick’ and maybe this time, we get to witness quirkier retorts and much more than a ‘birdie’.

The Danger Zone may have gotten old and dusty but 54-year-old Tom Cruise is all set to fly back in and hover in the sky. It might be 30 years too late but who cares now that it drafted!

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