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Great Barrier Reef is dying or not? Authorities cannot confirm


Scientists and research agencies around the world are claiming that the Great Barrier Reef is in great danger, but the authority that manages the Great Barrier Reef isn’t in a position to confirm whether recent reports about half of the reef’s corals are dead are true or not.

According to Professor Terry Hughes, Director at ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, revealed on social media platforms that recent surveys of the Great Barrier Reef have let to startling findings wherein approximately half of shallow-water corals growing on the Reef had died from the back-to-back mass bleaching events.

The latest report of nearly half of the corals being dead follows another report that claimed that nearly 20 per cent of corals on the Reef had perished from bleaching just this year. This report was created by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. Dr Reichelt told a Senate Estimates hearing on Monday that 30 per cent of corals died in the mass bleaching event last year, with another 19 per cent dying since the start of 2017. The worst affected areas are the northern and central parts of the Reef.

However, when asked what GBRMPA has to say on Professor Hughes’ claims, spokeswoman of GBRMPA wasn’t able to say whether the latest estimates were true or not. According to the spokeswoman, the authority would release information later this week on potential reef recovery.

Imogen Zethoven from the Australian Marine Conservation Society said the loss of the corals was deeply shocking.

“Our Reef is in grave danger,” she said. “The federal and Queensland governments must take urgent and decisive action to stop the loss of our Reef and the 70,000 jobs in regional Queensland that depend on it.”