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New fitness routine where you burn calories while taking a 45 min nap


This new class of fitness routine is being trialed at David Lloyd Gym where they are trying to combat the sleep epidemic that has spread nationwide. It’s like a Gym class where you go to take a nap of 45 minutes and still miraculously shed a few pounds!

Tests have shown that the ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy has crashed out of lifestyle that impairs creativity and the ability to concentrate. The new study published a couple days ago read that it is found that weekend lie-ins to catch up on sleep for the entire weak can do damage to your brain.

Meanwhile, the research conducted by David Lloyd found that 86 per cent of parents admit to suffering fatigue, with more than a quarter get lesser sleep than five hours on a regular day. 43 per cent of the cases deduce that stress and anxiety are the biggest reasons that people lack sleep. It was followed by being kept up – 26 per cent kids and 17 per cent working people who work long hours. A spokesman for David Lloyd said, “Filling an exercise studio with beds might look unusual, but if it proves to be a success, we’re definitely excited at the possibility of rolling out the programme to more of our clubs down the line.”

Kathryn Pickham, a Dreams Sleep expert also helped to develop the new class said, “We tend to focus on the short-term effects such as being tried or lacking concentration, but it is also essential for our long-term physical and mental wellbeing too. In addition to a lack of sleep bringing with it a higher risk of developing anxiety or depression, when we are sleep deprived we lack the energy to exercise regularly. And, also the mental clarity to make good decisions about the food we eat, which could negatively impact our physical health in the long-run.”

When you arrive at the new Napercise class, spin bikes are swapped for single beds. Upbeat workout tunes are ditched and a more calming, soothing sounds to create the perfect aura to relax. The studio temperature is also dropped to a level that will help promote calorie burning while snoozing off.

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