Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will oust the current-gen Surface Pro 4 and one of the obvious questions for people once the Surface Pro 5 is released would be what are the differences between the outgoing Surface Pro and the new one. This effectively takes the form of an imaginary battle: Surface Pro 5 vs. Surface Pro 4.

Almost all specifications of the Surface Pro 5 are unknown and because the tablet has to be officially confirmed by Microsoft. This would raise questions as to how can we compare Surface Pro 5 with Surface Pro 4 and the answer to this would be the various reports we have been sifting through to unravel the possible secrets of Surface Pro 5.

Paul Thurrott claimed that Surface Pro 5 will have Intel Kaby Lake processors. Surface Pro 4 on the other hand comes in a number of Intel processor options, but all of these processors are part of the Sky Lake family of processors. Kaby Lake processors are better than the Sky Lake processors because they have better integer performance and due to optimized architecture, offer a much better battery life than Sky Lake.

That effectively takes us to the next derived difference between Surface Pro 5 and Surface Pro 4. The current generation tablet has a battery life of around 9 hours; however, thanks to Kaby Lake processor, the battery of Surface Pro 5 could last anywhere between 9 and 11 hours based on your activities on the two-in-one. Surface Pro 5 will offer much more battery juice than Surface Pro 4.

Pricing at launch could be another difference. Surface Pro 5 could launch at a lower price point than the outgoing Surface Pro 4 and that’s because Microsoft would want to continue capitalising on the sales numbers that Surface Pro 4 discounts have generated over the last six months. Launching Surface Pro 5 at a higher price point may be a way to go to garner increased profits, but overall sales revenue could decline.

Thurrott had said that you shouldn’t expect a whole lot from Surface Pro 5 and that effectively means that there might not be huge difference between the new tablets and the outgoing Surface Pro 4. If you can’t wait for Surface Pro 5, Surface Pro 4 prices have declined substantially and so head to to get up to 30 per cent discount on the tablet.

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