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WhatsApp will soon provide 5 minutes to UNSEND embarrassing texts


The latest version of WhatsApp beta includes the option to revoke a message within five minutes of being sent, reports indicate.

The ‘unsend’ feature will allow you to pull an embarrassing message – a potential blessing for anyone prone to a typo or texting while one is drunk. Last year WhatsApp was rumoured to be working on a particular version of this ‘unsend’ feature that would allow users to recall messages if they hadn’t already be seen by the recipients. As long as the blue tick wasn’t seen, the sender could press and hold on a particular message to bring up the option to edit or revoke the message. But since it’s the beta version, public may not necessarily get to witness it yet.

Latest reports suggests that WhatsApp is exploring various other features that could work. If the feedback to this trial is positive then there’s no reason the feature shouldn’t be made available for the public soon.

Various tweets by the Twitter handle @WABetaInfo reads that many improvements for the revoke feature and the public will soon be able to ‘unsend’ messages within 5 minutes of sending the text. Later this Twitter handle also tweeted that the revoke feature or commonly named ‘unsend’ feature should be available very soon but we should all probably wait for the next iOS official update before.

Apart from the ‘unsend’ feature, WhatsApp is working on various other changes like the new font shortcuts, the ability to share your location with other users and a change in phone number feature which makes it easier for all your contacts to know that you have switched numbers. Based on a screenshot shared by the above mentioned Twitter handle (@WABetaInfo), the new feature will allow users to notify all their contacts when they change their phone number automatically with a single tap in the notification panel.