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A brand new Google Earth launched with 3-D views and artificial intelligence


Google Earth director, Rebecca Moore has presented the world with a special gift – new version of Google Earth adopting storytelling and artificial intelligence. The new version allows people to get a zoomed-in look of the planet from their computers, smartphones or tablets.

It’s the first time that Earth can be reached on a web browser instead of through applications installed on devices. The move allows Google to tap into more powerful computing power at data centres in the internet ‘cloud’ instead of relying on the capabilities of smartphones and other devices.

This new look of Google Earth enables its users to learn about nooks and crannies of the globe under the guidance of scientists from NASA and other prestigious research institutions. On opening the software, users were greeted with a view of the earth from orbit. Users can search for location of choice and also utilize the new features to explore areas they have never seen before. When you fixate on a location, the futuristic program starts to zoom into the continent and then country of location of choice. When another area is selected, it glides through land and oceans to reach the new destination chosen.

A new ‘Voyager’ feature enables people digitally exploring the planet to be guided on interactive stories told by experts, overwhelmed partners including BBC Earth, NASA, Sesame Street and the Jane Goodall Institute. Google’s integration of artificial intelligence will put to work for Earth users in the form of ‘knowledge cards’ that let them dive deeper into terrestrial information like mountains, countries, important landmarks or other places virtually visited. It also suggests locations based on previous searches.

People can choose to fly around the world using a 3-D button to see the Grand Canyon,Chateau Loire Valley and other stunning spots from any angle they wish. Online explorers can cruise through the mobile version of the app and are allowed to capture snaps on their travel, sending friends digital postcards.

Now, everything that Google knows about the world, you can know about the world. The new Google Earth is available now on Chrome or on Android. It will arrive on iOS devices later this year.