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Surface Pro 5 powered by Intel Kaby Lake to be faster, have greater battery life


Surface Pro 5 is definitely happening and while it may not be revealed at the Microsoft event on May 2, the Surface Pro 4 successor will be launched with a tad bit better specifications.

Proving rumors to be correct, the Surface Pro 5 will be powered by Intel Kaby Lake processor and will continue featuring the Surface Connect connector. Intel’s Kaby Lake processor effectively brings to the table a number of features that will make the Surface Pro 5 better than the Surface Pro 4 [huge discount on Amazon.com].

Better performance is the first thing that comes to mind considering that Kaby Lake is the latest in the consumer class of processors from Intel. Intel’s Kaby Lake processors offers a 12- to 19-per cent bump in integer performance over its predecessors and are definitely much more powerful than the processors that currently power the Surface Pro 4 line-up. The processors also have a more responsive “turbo boost” capability and with a dedicated, advanced video engine that promises some real gains—a whopping 2.6X increase in overall battery life when playing back 4K video using specific codecs, Intel Kaby Lake processors would be our choice for Surface Pro 5.

Battery life is the next thing. The Surface Pro 4 already offers offers a battery backup of up to 9 hours and while real-life tests haven’t really achieved those marks, we believe that Surface Pro 5 can achieve those and beyond levels. To offer greater battery life, Surface Pro 5 will have to go for Intel Kaby Lake processors. Intel has claimed and even shown that its Kaby Lake processors offer a notebook a battery life of 9.5 hours while continuously looping video.

If you can’t wait for the Surface Pro 5, you can always go for Surface Pro 4 at discounted price.