Surface Pro 5 specifications confirmed: Intel Kaby Lake, Surface power connector

Surface Pro 5, Surface Pro 4

After months of speculations about Surface Pro 5 specifications, pricing, and launch date, we have finally received some credible information that the Surface Pro 5 will feature Intel Kaby Lake processors and will not part ways with the proprietary Surface power connector.

The confirmation comes through a tweet by Paul Thurrott wherein he mentioned that Surface Pro 5 will continue using the Surface power connector and that it will feature Intel Kaby Lake processor. He also noted that people shouldn’t expect anything dramatic from Surface Pro 5 indicating that the new flagship tablet will not be bringing a whole lot to the table.

The tweet from Thurrott confirms months of reports that Surface Pro 5 will be powered by Intel Kaby Lake processor. This effectively brings to the table increased performance as offered by the Kaby Lake line of processors. Intel has claimed a 12- to 19-per cent bump in integer performance, helped by a more responsive “turbo boost” capability. [Check out discounts on Surface Pro 4].

Intel Kaby Lake has an advanced video engine that promises some real gains—a whopping 2.6X increase in overall battery life when playing back 4K video using specific codecs. According to Intel executives, the battery life of a Kaby Lake notebook should be up to 9.5 hours while continuously looping video. That’s two great things here that we can infer for the Surface Pro 5 – increased battery life and a 4K display.

Thurrott’s tweet talks about Microsoft keeping the Surface power connector and this has got the Internet talking about no USB-C support on Surface Pro 5. While we can’t infer much from the original tweet, it is possible that the device could support charging through both USB-C and Microsoft’s proprietary charger as we’ve seen on some Windows laptops. If you can’t wait for Surface Pro 5, check out discounts on Surface Pro 4.

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