Just when Surface Pro 5 chatter has been heating up the Internet, Surface Pro 4 prices have reached a new low with major online retailers offering up to 28 per cent off on Microsoft’s tablet.

We have been keeping a close eye on the prices of the Surface Pro 4 since the third quarter of 2016 and have seen substantial discounts being offered on the tablet. During the holiday season in December, Surface Pro 4 prices declined by as much as 23 per cent as retailers cashed in on the shopping frenzy. Many believed that the Surface Pro 4 price cuts were a direct indication that Surface Pro 5 was launching, but that effectively didn’t turn out to be true as Microsoft hasn’t still officially revealed details about its next Surface Pro.

If we look at the current pricing scenario of Surface Pro 4, all the models of the tablet are still available and that too at great discounts. Consider the 256 GB Microsoft Surface Pro 4 powered by Intel Core i5 processor paired with 8 GB RAM. Originally retailing at $1,299, this particular model is now only available for $998 – that’s a 23 per cent discount. Then there is the 256 GB Microsoft Surface Pro 4 powered by Intel Core i7e processor with 8 GB RAM. This model is now available for $1,208.89 down from $1,599.

The Surface Pro 4 tablet that is available at a massive 28 per cent discount is the 512GB Microsoft Surface Pro 4 featuring 16 GB RAM and Intel Core i7e processor. The tablet was originally priced at $2,199 and it is now available at $1,589 – a massive 28 per cent discount. We consider this the best option to go for considering the $610 discount as well as the impressive hardware that the tablet packs.

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