Just days after our report that Surface Pro 5 might not launch in April, comes a new report that claims that the Surface Pro 4 successor will launch sometime later in the year and possibly in October.

The wait for the Surface Pro 5 is definitely getting unbearable, but there is no way out as it is only Microsoft that has a say in when the Surface Pro 5 will launch. There were reports initially that Surface Pro 4 successor will launch alongside Windows 10 Creators update in April 2017, but that’s not going to happen as per the chatter on the Internet that has its roots in Microsoft’s supply chain.

While there are no confirmed reports, there are speculations that Microsoft will be ready with Surface Pro 5 by October this year with full inventory to meet with demand that is anticipated post the success of Surface Pro 4 [up to 25% off on Surface Pro 4].

Surface Pro 5 may have been allegedly delayed, but Microsoft is indeed going ahead with launch of Windows 10 Creators Update. Windows 10 Creators Update will be bringing with it a range of new features including 3D Windows experience and 4K gaming support. Considering the Microsoft will want Surface Pro 5 to run Windows 10 Creators update out of the box, we can expect the Surface Pro 4 successor be packing some serious hardware.

Surface Pro 4 has been an awesome success for Microsoft, but battery life has been an issue about which many users have complained a lot. This will be something that Microsoft will be able to address through hardware changes – specifically the processor. Intel has officially announced the availability of Kaby Lake processors for device manufacturers and that’s the CPU that will be powering the Surface Pro 5.

Intel has been blowing trumpets about the capabilities of its Kaby Lake processors with the primary improvement being a 12- to 19-per cent bump in integer performance over its predecessors. Intel Kaby Lake processors are said to have a more responsive “turbo boost” capability and with a dedicated, advanced video engine that promises some real gains—a whopping 2.6X increase in overall battery life when playing back 4K video using specific codecs, the Surface Pro 5 is set for impressive performance numbers.

The use of Kaby Lake processor will help Surface Pro 5 achieve batter backup of nearly 10 hours with Intel claiming that a Kaby Lake powered notebook lasted for 9.5 hours while continuously looping video.


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