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Surface Pro 5 should fix several Surface Pro 4 issues out of the box


Microsoft has been awfully secretive about its Surface Pro 4 successor, which we believe will be called Surface Pro 5, and while we can’t wait for the tablet to launch we would definitely want the new tablet to not come loaded with issues that Surface Pro 4 had.

Recently there were reports that Surface Pro 5 might not launch in April and while the report was based on speculative inputs from Microsoft’s supply chain, one thing is for certain that Redmond will launch a Surface Pro 4 successor sooner or later to ensure that it continues to cash-in on the success of its tablet range. On a little side note, Surface Pro 4 is being sold at a massive 25 per cent discounts at a number of online retailers including Amazon.

Surface Pro 4 has been one of the most successful tablets for Microsoft, but there were issues that were frustrating for many. Surface Pro 5, when launched, should fix these issues out of the box considering that it will feature upgraded hardware and latest Windows 10 OS.

Issues such as slow Surface Pro 4, sudden problems with the screen flickering or flashing, inability of Windows Hello to recognise the user at times, battery not lasting long, frequent driver crashes, blue screens, inability of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect at times, updates not being applied, among others are some of the most common issues on Surface Pro 4.

Few of the issues arise due to bugs in the operating system while some are down to genuine hardware issues that calls for replacement of the hardware component. However, it turns out that there have been no major hardware issues in Surface Pro 4 that led to a mass recall and this effectively meant that Microsoft was able to solve all the above issues with software and firmware updates.

We expect Microsoft to take note of all the Surface Pro 4 issues and put in place measures that will prevent these bugs and issues from rolling over to Surface Pro 5 or else after the initial sales cycle, it would have a hard time selling Surface Pro 5. Check out massive discounts on Surface Pro 4.