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Donald Trump’s tweets burnt by @burnedyourtweet


Latest adversary for Donald Trump is in the form of an insubordinate robot designed for the sole purpose of burning every single tweet sent out by the US President.

Most robots are designed to make people’s life easier, however some of them are manufactured for the sole purpose of terrifying others like a ‘nightmare-inducing’ robot named Handle and the burger-flipping robot that replaced humans on its first day at work. Some are created for nuisance and to enjoy multiple levels of humour interpretations.

A new robot is on the block now going by the handle @burnedyourtweet on Twitter. As and when Trump tweets, this robot automatically prints it out and then a robotic hand sets fire to the piece of paper and finally drops it into an ashtray.

That’s not it! The robot then sends a video of the entire process as a blaze of crowning glory to Mr. Trump. The video is captioned – “I burned your tweet”. The bio of @burnedyourtweet reads: “Giving Trump’s tweets the attention they deserve”.

Donald Trump’s tweets have been a subject of fascination for a long time now while others believe that they are alarmed many people around the world. With the advent of @burnedyourtweet (i.e. on Tuesday morning), people who burn with rage while reading Mr Trump’s tweets can satisfy their guilty pleasures by watching the oddly cathartic videos.

The Twitter handle is just getting started, but if the President continues with his current his current tweeting schedule, they are going to be plenty of followers. It is still not certain who owns this machine but it has received a seal of approval from internet’s queen of shitty robots. The robot doesn’t make a direct comment to the tweet put the purpose is vividly visible to all.

This twitter handle under huge amount of scrutiny has burned eight of the President’s tweets in these two days. This handle has already managed around 9,000 followers. Taking in considering the fact that the President has tweeted almost 35,000 times since he joined the social network in March 2009 (8 years now), the ashtray will have to be changed at periodic intervals of time.