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Workflow is now a part of Apple!


Apple has just bought an automation app for iPhone and iPad called workflow. The app is extraordinarily independent tool developed for iOS that allows its users to combine various apps in a unique way and automate certain processes on their respective device.

By being able to tap into specific app functionality and binding actions together, Workflow’s technology might be further utilized to enhance Apple AI’s and Siri’s powers. The acquisition of Workflow isn’t only exciting for the future of iOS but also for macOS. Further contemplating that Workflow developers are continuing to work for Apple, it wouldn’t be unexpected to observe Workflow-like features in newer versions of macOS.

Apple’s rigid control over iOS means that apps can interact only in certain manners which makes Workflow’s abilities even more impressive. The developers discovered a way to work within the rules imposed by Apple to link apps together and automate certain tasks. Now that Apple has opened their doors for Workflow, the developers will be provided access to the APIs and resources that are never made available to any third-party programmers.

Apple confirmed the purchase by announcing that Workflow was selected for Apple Design Award in 2015 considering its intense implementation for Voice Over with clearly labelled items, thoughtful hints, drag/drop notifications, making the app widely usable and quickly accessible to those with low- vision.

The accessibility features of Workflow are super impressive, especially for an app that is a tool for building complicated macros. Workflow’s existing integrations with apps are extensive and will continue to be updated. The special ingredient of Workflow is that it enables users to dip into specific ‘deep linked’ functions of individual apps and connect those actions together into a string of invisible commands.

Workflow’s endpoint is a ‘single’ tap that can ‘hide’ complex interactions working in background – which is ideal for Apple Watch. Workflow app for Apple Watch is especially clever and a nice organic fit!