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Ford Focus Electric goes ‘green’ for 2018


Ford announced introduction of what it calls ‘Outrageous Green’ metallic tinted color for the 2018 Focus Electric as part of celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and in line with Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery.

Ford says that the new color for Focus Electric signifies research and is inspired by nature and renewal. Color and material design manager at Ford Barb Whalen and his team say their main source of inspiration is everyday events based on which they come up with visual and tactical elements for developing color pallets for future vehicles.

The color and material design team was challenged with the question “Why” this color is important, why now, why this color is different from others. Now-a-day many colors are inspired renewed from the nature to make it trend-in future.

This trend can be connected to any kind like lifestyle, psychological and societal emotions to consumer hobbies and passionate interest. Unusual sports gear, ropes, anodized finishes, plastics gear and accent fabrics provide inspiration for Ford vehicle exteriors and interiors. The social and political environment and conversations about material ethics (biomaterials) also influence forecasting trends and help to predict the color and material choices Ford makes for tomorrow.

“Designers are encouraged to experience a feeling, bring it to the team, then collectively brainstorm ways to bring it to life through paint color or material for Ford Vehicles,” says Whalen. “Outrageous Green Metallic is a unique shade, symbolizing modern renewal and a reconnection with nature then finished with a special tinted clear coat to give the color depth and vibrancy.”

Ford has a legacy of “going green” with its paint colors, offering Highland Green, Squeeze Green, Ultimate Green, Gotta Have It Green and now Outrageous Green Metallic.

The 2016 Ford Focus Electric model has an EPA – estimated driving range of 76 miles; upgrading it the 2017 model gets a driving range of 115 miles. But the 2018 Ford Focus Electric gets an EPA – estimated driving range of 118 miles in city/96 on highway.

The Ford Focus Electric has a all new DC fast charge which can deliver 75 miles of range in 30 minutes when using a charger capable of delivering 150 amps. The car’s battery has 33.5 kilowatt-hour of installed energy which is 40 percent more than its predecessor.