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Cheerios gives away 1.5 billion wildflower seeds to bring back the bees


An overwhelming response to its #BringBackTheBees campaign has led Cheerios to give away a whopping 1.5 billion wildflower seeds instead of the initial goal of 100 million.

Cheerios started off the campaign by removing “BuzzBee,” the brand’s iconic spokesbee from the boxes. The reason that Cheerios gave was that something serious is going on in the world of pollinators with their population dwindling rapidly.

Honey bees like other pollinating insects are one of the most important pollinators that are responsible for production of more than two thirds of food produced around the world. The pollinating service offered by bees accounts for a whopping 90 per cent of the world’s nutrition and with the population of these bees declining production of our food is at risk as well.

Cheerios points out that bee colony health is deteriorating across the world including the US and there is an urgent need to act collectively. Plantation of Wildflower is said to be one of the best ways to conserve these bees as wildflower pollen and nectar to stay happy and healthy.

Planting wildflowers is recommended by conservationists as one of the best ways to support pollinators, and is a fun, simple way to help.

Cheerios says it wants to create a world that is friendly towards the bees and to achieve that goal it set a goal of distributing 100 million wildflower seeds in 2016. However, due to overwhelming response it garnered for its #BringBackTheBees campaign, the company ended up distributing a whopping 1.5 billion seeds and it had to stop the distribution of seeds because it ran out of seeds.

Bees have been at the receiving end of habitat loss with some estimates claiming that bee populations have dwindled dramatically across the world. The distribution of wildflower seeds is Cheerios’ way of extending a helping hand in the global conservation efforts of these bees.

Not everyone is happy!

The initiative by Cheerios is definitely praiseworthy, but it turns out there are those who aren’t impressed with that Cheerios has done. Some of the plant seeds that have been distributed by Cheerios are not native to the US and this effectively raises concerns over invasive species.

Considering how each state in the US has its own laws regarding plants and trees, there is a lot of hue and cry over the Cheerios initiative. The Cheerios’ giveaway has seeds for Forget-Me-Not, which is banned in Massachusetts for being a noxious weed. California poppy has been listed as an invasive plant in southeastern states, but seeds for these plants have also been included in the giveaway.