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Skinny jeans, high heels said to be making bodies of women prone to damage


In a rather startling study, scientists have revealed negative impacts of high heels, skinny jeans and oversized bags suggesting that these items of clothing is making bodies of women prone to damage.

Though such clothing items and accessories are stylish and are always on the top list of wanted items by women, scientists claim to have found evidence that reveal that the ‘perfect ensemble’ is actually putting health of women at risk and damaging their body, even when these items are not being worn together.

According to researchers, because skinny jeans restrict free movement in hips and knees, it affects the way we hold our body.

Researchers from British Chiropractic Association (BCA) in the UK, have found that fashion forward people are putting style ahead of their health. As much as 73 per cent of women suffered back pain and their wardrobe could be a major cause of the discomfort out of which 28 per cent of women were aware that clothing effects their back or neck pain and posture. About 33 per cent were completely unaware that their choice of clothing could have an impact on their back or neck health.

Researchers found through their study that about 20 per cent of women chose to wear shoes which are without support at the back of the foot which will increase strain on the legs and lower back. Similarly, 10 per cent of women sported heavy jewellery, such as statement necklaces, which increase pressure on the neck and can wreak havoc with posture.

Researchers revealed skinny jeans, oversized bags and those worn on one side of the body, coats with large fluffy hoods, high heeled shoes and backless shoes as the top five clothing culprits.