Home Medical Members of Tsimane tribe in Amazon said to have healthiest hearts

Members of Tsimane tribe in Amazon said to have healthiest hearts


Members of the Tsimane tribe residing in the forests of Bolivia in South America are said to have the healthiest and risk free hearts across the globe.

According to a new study published in the Lancet, members of the tribe have lowest levels of artery hardening and this reveals the absolute risk-free state of their heart. The findings are based on a study carried out on 704 adults in 85 villages aged 40 to 94 years to check the heart disease risk by conducting an X-ray scan. The results showed hardly any possibility of heart disease risk with very normal readings of blood pressure and sugar and cholesterol. Similar scans in the American civilians showed the opposite result with around 85% people having some or the other risk related to heart.

Tsimane people have a very active lifestyle, unlike the sedentary lifestyle of urban people. The Tsimanians spend most of their daytime in hunting and farming activities and their diet mainly contains carbohydrates with less protein and fat. Physical activeness of the Tsimane people is also one of the prime reasons cited for their fit hearts, since they registered an average 17000 steps a day which is far more than what regular people go through.

According to the researchers, there have been similar researches in this domain earlier, but this study has made the results more firm about the diet habits responsible at large for heart risks. These symptoms if heart risks are mainly due to unhygienic and fat-based food habits in the urban lifestyle and also the lack of body-exercising habit.

Researchers thus advise that it is quite obvious that undergoing the tough activeness and food habits like the Tasmanians may not be possible but taking lessons from them is utmost necessary to lead a better and healthier life like increased intake of healthy diet and increased time for exercising.