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‘Balloonist’ Daniel apologizes for the stunt but remains unrepentant


A Canadian entrepreneur, Daniel Boria, who attempted to skydive in a lawn chair strapped around 120 industrial sized balloons apologized for the dangerous stunt, but doesn’t regret it even after paying C$26,500 as fine.

On July 5, 2015 as people like to call him ‘Ballonistic’ Daniel, Boria used 120 helium balloons for a 20 minute flight to promote his start-up ‘All Clean Natural’. He claims he wanted to fly over Calgary Stampede grounds during chuckwagon races but it didn’t go as he hoped it would. He missed his mark due to heavy winds and instead landed in an industrial area.

His lawn chair caused a lot of confusion as he floated into flight paths of commercial airplanes. He actually noticed two jets flying underneath him. This stunt could have led to a plane crash and a lot of lives could have been lost – the ones in the planes and other on the ground. Judge Bruce Fraser said that the stunt was unconscionably stupid.

Boria said that he initially thought of jumping out of an air plane, but all the pilots he spoke to didn’t agree to it to he chose the lawn chair. When asked about endangering a hundred lives by flying over flight paths, Boria claimed that there was a little danger to his irrational decision.

He also made a remark stating, “I have remorse, I understand that we did cause a little danger but at the same time when you text and drive they don’t charge you as if you have hit a whole bus full of kids.”

He was fined C$ 5000 with additional C$1500 for victim impact fee. He also has to donate C$20,000 to a local veteran food bank. But he also told the court that he is pursuing a piloting license for ‘Hot-air balloon’ so the next stunt he decides to pull off will be legal.