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California buckles up for driverless cars


California has always been at the heart of all the technological innovations that take place in the United States. Amidst the hoopla of the driverless cars, California has become the first state to propose regulations on autonomous operation of motor vehicles. This proposed law once passed will make the dream of driverless cars hitting the public streets real.

Testing of driverless cars on the streets of California is under way since a long time now, where over 21 companies have been testing their vehicles. Until now the state law had restricted the use of driverless cars up to testing only, but now the state regulatory takes this project one step further by proposing a law which will enable the vehicles to be used as commercial ones on the public streets.

The futuristic driverless cars will still take time to get real since these are just the proposed laws and before they hit the streets, California Department of Motor Vehicle will hold a public hearing. After that a 45-days period DMV comment period is taken after which the verdict on the proposal is made. Among other conditions, the state regulatory board asks for a communication channel between the company and car, as a backup operator if at all there’s an error in the functioning of the car.

Among all the states in the US where driverless cars are to be brought on streets, the rules of California State are considered to be the most stringent. One of the new rules prevents the manufacturer to publicize the vehicle as autonomous until it passes the standards test by the regulatory board. In the new proposal by DMV, car companies have to reports collisions and disengagement of cars on the streets from the servers. This law is to make people aware about the accuracy of technology and thus build trust to connect them more, ultimately promoting the use of autonomous cars.