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Tesla’s Musk says he can solve South Australia’s energy crisis in 100 days


Elon Musk has put on a massive wager through Twitter that Tesla can solve the energy crisis currently being faced by South Australia by setting up a grid-connected battery system and getting it operational in just 100 days or the whole thing goes free.

Australian IT giant Atlassian’s co-founder Mike Cannon – Brookes recently asked Elon Musk on Twitter about Tesla’s capability to solve Australia’s energy crisis to which Musk responded positively putting forth a deal.

South Australia’s energy crisis calls out for immediate action to solve the major energy shortage which may get deeper if not taken into consideration. This misery has come with two coal plants shutting down in recent past; one plant at Hazelwood in Victoria and another at Port Augusta in South Australia, resulting to reduction in energy production. This has caused a big hike in energy prices. There have also been times, when the state has been left with a power cut when the storm had struck.

The government has taken this issue in consideration and has suggested increase in grid storage as a remedy to lack of energy supply. Here is where Tesla has intervened an opportunity and has quoted a deal right away on the micro-blogging platform Twitter. Tesla has put a deal for the provision of battery storage of 100 MW hrs capacity costing $25 billion.

On this Twitter episode, South Australian’s senator Sarah Hanson-Young has refrained to comment and said she would only state something after having a conversation with Tesla regarding the proposal. Also, Brookes, who flagged off this episode, has shown interest by stating his help in terms of funding and talks with the government.

The entire series of tweets has also led to creation of a change.org petition that calls for bringing the solution that Tesla has proposed to South Australia to solve the state’s energy problem. Currently the petition has been signed by 171 supporters and it is likely that over the next few days it will be signed by many more.