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Surface Pro 5 release date still under wraps


Surface Pro 5 release date is still unknown and while Microsoft is yet to officially acknowledge that a Surface Po 5 will be released, rumors and reports continue to flow in about the Surface Pro 4 successor.

It has been over a year now since Surface Pro 4 was released and with dwindling Surface Pro 4 stocks, massive price cuts and removal of Surface Pro 3 listing from Microsoft’s site, it won’t be wrong to assume that Redmond is planning to announce the Surface Pro 5 soon.

An April or May Surface Pro 5 unveil seems very likely as that’s when Microsoft is going to announce its major Windows 10 update – the Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft analysts have long been claiming that the Windows 10 Creators Update will be the best platform for Microsoft to showcase its Surface Pro 5 as well as possible Surface Book and Surface Studio successors. [SURFACE PRO 4 DISCOUNTS]

Surface Pro 5 is expected to feature a range of improvements over its predecessor in terms of hardware. Intel Kaby Lake processors have been one of the most talked about option for Surface Pro 5 ever since Intel announced their availability. Other features such as increased RAM and Storage options as well as a long battery life are being rumoured as well.

New reports from Microsoft’s supply chain indicate that the next flagship two-in-one from the Windows 10 maker will feature support for Surface Dial as well making it an impressive option for graphics designs and animation specialists. A 4K display has also been rumoured and if Microsoft does include that, the Surface Pro 5 will turn out to be the best option as far as two-in-ones go and will even beat the iPad Pro.

Because an official confirmation has been missing from Microsoft, experts and analysts have been trying to dig out as much information as possible about the Surface Pro 5 through unconventional means. One such source of information is LinkedIn.

In February it was noticed that Toby Fitch, a contracted product designer who has worked with Microsoft since June last year, revealed on LinkedIn that he is part of a team that is focused on R&D and creating new speech models for devices of the future including but not limited to: HoloLens, Surface Pro 5, and Xbox. However, this update is missing now from his profile indicating that he said more than he was supposed to on the professional network.

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